Here’s a tune by Paul Jacobs and Norman Stiles that Ernie sings to Bert on Sesame Street. It’s such a fun song to play! It urges me to stay healthy and improve my awareness of the world around me. Sadly I often fail at both of those. But I have this song to remind me! Thanks, Paul and Norman!


Here’s a song from the Adventure episode of Yo Gabba Gabba. Thanks for everyone on the team that brought this one into existence (my apologies for the ‘right/on’ confusion). I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from this song at different times over the past year or so. After hearing it, I wanted to know how it would feel to sing the words, to yell them out with as much conviction I could muster at any given moment. Such is the case with all of these I guess. Here's my best attempt!

2011 DEMOS

Here are the demos from 2011 after we’d moved to Colorado after two years in New York. These range from some remedial guitar concepts to a new batch of electronic ideas later that year. They’re all rather raw and untamed as usual. So, you know, fair warning.


Here’s a song by Hy Zaret and Lou Singer. This is easily one of my favorite songs ever written. I discovered it on a Pete Seeger album for the Children’s Concert at Town Hall. It was part of a record collection that my wife’s grandparents gave us about ten years ago. I’ve listened to that album with my kids countless times since then. It gives me hope that we can indeed make the world a better place. So thanks to Gerry and Alan Loehr for entrusting all their records to us. Thanks to Pete Seeger for learning this song and sharing it on his album. And thanks most of all to Hy Zaret and Lou Singer for such a wonderful contribution for us all.


Here’s a song with music by Fred Rogers and lyrics by Josie Carey. Thanks Fred and Josie! This song was actually used as the closing song during the first few years of the show until was replaced with It’s Such A Good Feeling and The Weekend Song. I used to sing this song to my kids every night before they went to bed. That sounds like a good idea actually - nighty night!


Here’s a song by Jerry Herman from the musical Les Cages Aux Folles. We went to see the revival with Douglas Hodge and Kelsey Grammer and wow was it good. This song has stuck with me through the years, always reminding me to go out and enjoy life with the people I love. Who knows how much time we have, right? Thanks Jerry!

In The Aeroplane Over The Sea

Here’s another song by Neutral Milk Hotel. It’s so beautiful and hauntingly marvelous. I remember playing this song right before midnight at a New Year’s Eve show in NYC one year. I remember playing it for my friends at Jeff’s Bucket Shop in Charlotte. I remember playing it in the basement of a hostel in Prague. I’ve played it so many times in so many different places. It deserves to be played though. It’s one of the best songs ever written.


I recently saw this song performed as part of a Talking Heads revue featuring different Louisville artists this past October at a club called Zanzabar. The show was outstanding, and not only because my friend Van was playing drums. This song has become so important to me for numerous reasons though - above all, it always makes me feel extremely thankful to be married to such an amazing person. Thanks Talking Heads!


Here’s a song by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil. Many thanks to Nina Simone yet again for passing this one along to us all. Amongst the many unfortunate things that happen in the world each day, this song still gives me hope for the future. Thank you so much Barry and Cynthia for such a wonderful song.


Thanks to Dean Kay and Kelly Gordon for writing this song, which was popularized by Frank Sinatra in the 1960s. I remember listening to this song on the highway from Denver back to Boulder one time. I used to drive down to Denver a couple times a week to see shows at the Hi-Dive, the Larimer Lounge, the Meadowlark, etc. I’m very thankful to have seen some really great shows during our time in Colorado. Hope we can visit soon.


Here’s another song by The Magnetic Fields from their album Holiday. I first heard this song in a movie called Tarnation at a little arthouse cinema when we lived in Charlotte. There’s also a great local video store there called Vis Art that we patronized quite frequently, in case you’re in the neighborhood and want to rent a cool movie.