A few days ago, Violet, Brooke, and I were walking down Pearl Street in Boulder. Actually Violet wasn't exactly walking as much as being pushed in a stroller while she slept. Just as we passed in front of a local restaurant, a strong breeze swept down the sidewalk, lifting up a couple of large umbrellas from where they stood on the patio out front and tossing them into the air above us. I had this feeling of being instinctively protective and tried to get in front of the stroller as much as possible in the half second I had to react, during which time one of the large umbrellas came down and struck Brooke on the elbow, then flew up to knock her glasses off somehow. While I stood there wondering what just happened, I made sure Violet was okay, which she was, thankfully. The umbrellas could have probably been fastened down tighter, but the whole thing seemed like a fluke. I guess it's strange how easy accidents can happen, how Violet could have been really hurt if the wind had blown in just a slightly different direction. Brooke's elbow seems to be alright, although slightly bruised. How odd to be simply walking down the street one second and the next dodging enormous flying umbrellas. But what could I have done differently? Could I have done anything differently? It just seemed to happen like it was meant to happen. Right?