i've been listening and taking notes to what we've already done. i thought i'd have some more time at orphan this past week, but kenny rogers took my dates.

so in lieu of being able to record, i drove to destin florida for easter with the weihes. aside from the obvious joy of being in a city with only a one-letter difference from my name, i got to immerse myself for a spell in the gulf of mexico. plus this morning i finally paid my taxes. a blast as usual.

sorry. you probably don't care about any of this. who are you anyway? i wish i knew you. here i am delivering segments of my life on this machine, typing these little pieces of plastic and then posting it all on a website with my name on it. i just let out a large sigh. i’ve wondered a lot about how it would feel to keep this journal. i guess now i know. but is there value to this? am i providing insight or confusion? is this even remotely entertaining for you?

well, regardless, perhaps this will interest you for the time being. i was in sixth grade when i went to see my first show at a club in louisville that had been converted out of an old laser tag arena. the following is a site from mister Bryan V about the hardcore punk rock history of louisville. it's fantastic. i grew up listening to most of the bands on this site and wanted to share them with you just in case you wanted some information on some of my earliest and deepest musical influences.

i hope you enjoy.