we recorded drums for three new songs today. tomorrow we'll edit today's tracks as well as those from our previous drum session. but lo and behold, we are now finished with all of the drums. sweet...

last night was the first evening at my new temporary housing situation in atlanta. endless thanks to the cliftons for letting me stay in their guesthouse. although the floors are concrete and there's not much furniture (none really), it has air conditioning, a shower, and a kitchen. much more than adequate. no devil television either. and there are dogs. i like dogs. i've also brought an air mattress for lounging/sleeping. and as a first impression, avondale estates feels pretty nice. i've already found a good coffeehouse and david tells me there's a good farmer's market nearby. so now all i need is a pub of some sort.

on a completely different subject, i saw mc hammer in concert last thursday. he performed several irresistible hits such as 'pumps and a bump', 'pray', 'too legit to quit', and 'u can't touch this'. no 'have you seen her?' for me though. but it's nice to know that he's officially a master of ceremonies again.