the derby party at glenn's on saturday was awesome. i met several nice people like the guy who does the music for "good eats with alton brown" and a couple producers for adult swim. i guess the latter was no surprise since glenn has a signed picture of space ghost in his studio.

we recorded drums on four songs this afternoon. dom showed up about halfway through and hung out for a while. we went to dinner later with my dad who happened to be in town. i ate too much. pieces of steak kept showing up on my plate. very cool artwork ideas from dom, by the way. too bad i can't show you any of it.

saturday is the yard sale back in charlotte. if you need a lamp or a small gnome statue, please drop in. i cannot wait to be liberated from my possessions. you are not what you own, it seems.

i should have a new song uploaded sometime next week. until then...