this morning we recorded acoustic guitar for three songs, two with words and one instrumental. i used my larrivee, a great sounding guild on loan from glenn's wife cynthia, and a small alvarez high strung to 'nashville' tuning. after that we recorded electric guitar on three songs. we also added a few synth pads with glenn's omnichord. now that is an outstanding piece of technology! all together a productive day. also, i'm sorry about not getting the new clips uploaded. i'll try to get them up soon.

one of my classmates in high school passed away this weekend. he was a nice guy. sometimes i like to tell myself i'm not afraid of death, but those thoughts often fade quickly when i wake up in the middle of the night wondering if there's a man in my house with a large axe. maybe i just fear pain. pain sucks. or is it the unknown? no, it can't be that. i don't know. neither do you. or do you? let me know if you've figured it out. i'm going to bed.