we did more keyboard edits. again, not very exciting, but necessary. after lunch i recorded more pads and fx with the omnichord and then did a quick bass part for a short acoustic song. then we moved on to feedback. we ran my robelli through a fender pro deluxe and turned everything up as loud as we could. i think we got some good stuff, but i need to listen to it again. i might bring in a pedal or two for some added strangeness. anyway, overall we accomplished a ton yesterday.

last night beth and michael cooked some cinco de mayo tacos. they have been unbelievably hospitable. and they make very tasty tacos. after dinner michael showed me a place down the street where people sell crack (don't worry - i just say no to crack). then we stayed up late with some alcohol and did some 'philosophizing'. basically, we came to the conclusion that there is no conclusion.

alright then. today is derby and glenn has invited me over for a PARTY.

more insignificant banter next week....