i was in cincinnati for some reason at a local record store looking through some old vinyl. the proprietor and some of his friends were sitting around talking and listening to different records on the communal turntable. i began to recognize several of the songs being played as bands from louisville when i was growing up. soon, as one song came over the speakers, the guy sitting next to me said, 'oh, i hated this band.' then i realized the man had actually been the drummer and singer of that band. i said "hey, you're ___ ____!" and everyone began to laugh. as he tilted back in his chair, he reached a tipping point and began to fall backwards, still laughing, everyone laughing. he fell on the floor, hard it seemed, his friends quickly gathering over him. they all cackled uncontrollably. at this moment, overcome with excitement, i said "i went to so many of your shows!" they all let out a triumphant yell and began to applaud their fallen comrade, helping him to his feet. then i woke up. what the hell? i wonder if the musicians i admire from all those years in louisville would like or dislike the music i've written. my brain says probably not. i wonder what all those people are doing right now. wherever you are, thanks.