it's not very glamorous. i brought a guitar as well, but i couldn't fit that into the picture. hopefully soon i'll purchase a harmonium. i have to find one first though. i saw one near wenceslas square being carried around amidst a group of hare krishnas. maybe i'll follow them around and ask where they got it.

next is a photo of the menu at the local kfc.


i asked my friend svatka what "proklate dobre" means in czech. she said "damn good." i don't consider myself a kfc aficionado by any means. but i have to admit that's quite persuasive.

we went to see coffee and cigarettes at kino lucerna last night. as much as i enjoy a good jarmusch film, anything you watch here is definitely going to enhance your viewing experience. it is certainly the most romantically constructed movie theatre i've ever seen. plus, there's an outstanding David Cerny sculpture in the lobby. and a cafe downstairs with cheap beer. and a music bar just down the hall. and a guru who sits in the corner and explains all of life's mysteries. as you can see, it very well-rounded.

what should i be for halloween?