we're traveling back to america in june to attend a couple weddings. i have no idea how that's going to feel. obviously, i'm looking forward to seeing friends and eating certain foods. but other than that, i'm at a loss.

i love america. from a selfish standpoint, it's very convenient. at any time of year, you can obtain almost anything you desire. unless you're a total clod, people are usually pleasant toward you. entertainment is abundant and varied. there are lots of good ideas coming from all over the country.

clearly, there are a lot of irritating things about america too. but i'm not going to get into that. here, in prague, there are frustrations too. but i'm not going to get into that either. it appears that life, everywhere, is always beautiful and annoying.

is that the point? if things sucked all the time, or if things were always splendid, would we learn anything? would we be able to compare?

i feel so obtuse.