a few weeks ago, we took a train to ostrava. our friend martin is the starting center for the basketball team. he picked us up at the train station after our 3.5 hour journey through east bohemia and moravia to watch his team play the team from liberec.

our hotel had several interesting motifs. in the lobby, as a lovely welcome, we were welcomed by several animals, including this


and this


and this


and the bar area seemed ready to go to war with this


and this

and this


but in contrast, the restaurant had a distinct overlook hotel feel to it.


this painting was also in our room.


we went to the the arena around 5. the game itself was amazing. i could try to recap it, but i'm no good at that. everyone there was extremely attentive to what was happenning on the court. and there was no food in the stands, no slurping of sodas or crunching of nachos.


afterwards, we travelled to martin's apartment for pizza and drinks. there were very minimal amounts of english being spoken, which was nice. eventually, we walked over to the infamous stodolni street, home to 80 bars and clubs. i kept trying to order beer, but the ostravian ballers kept handing me vodka currant cocktails. we all had a swell time. thanks martin!