last month our friend petr drove us into moravia to drink some wine with his friend pavel. we arrived around 4 in the small town of horni dunajovice and were welcomed immediately into pavel's cellar.


pavel makes all of his own wine. we tasted about five or six types (cabernet, chardonnay, rulandske, pinot noir, etc) and then walked across the courtyard to have dinner in pavel's garage. surrounded by powertools and empty wine jugs, we sat at a table and discussed the wine we had just consumed. and then, out came the food. at the bottom left, we have some rye bread. to the right of the bread were some raw onions. to the left of the onions was a large jar of pickles. then more bread. then a plate some form of pureed pork mixture. in the blue bowl were some other parts of the pig (not sure which though). and finally, for flavor, a small dish of salt and a plate of lard. it was pretty intense.


after dinner, we walked across town to pavel's other cellar. this one was much bigger than the one in his basement. iā€™m actually unsure how we got there since i was already rather inebriated. here's a blurry picture of it.


there were around 30 barrels filled with different types of wine. after tasting six or seven new wines, pavel graciously showed us his statue of saint urban, the czech patron saint of wine.


after a few more slurps, we walked back to pavel's house for some smoked pork with a side of slivovice. and at some point, we went back to the lodging facilities and fell asleep. apparently, i also agreed to cook for thirty people on an annual biking trip from prague to the northern mountains.

regardless, thanks to pavel and petr for an unimaginably memorable experience.