so far i've played two open mics.

the first one was in fort lauderdale at a place called cheers. sadly, sam and diane were not there to serve drinks, but the host, gary gore, was extremely accommodating, especially when he let me use his backup guitar when mine decided not to work. it was the first stage i'd been on for a while, so that was different. i played a couple songs a bit too fast though. i guess i got a little excited. but all in all, i thought it went pretty well.

the second open mic was in louisville, kentucky. it took place at a bar on bardstown road called the highland taproom. the hosts for the evening were a local band called the fuckmonkeys. that's right. they were hilarious and awesome and really nice guys too. i played about six songs around the end of the night, then sat down to listen to some blues from the last evening's last performer. overall, i thought it went better than fort lauderdale. i felt a bit more relaxed, probably because i was.

anyway, i'm really looking forward to playing more of these things. it's great to hang around with, talk, and listen to other musicians. and it's challenging to adapt to the different environments of each performance. i hope a lot more opportunities show up along the way during this road trip we're going to start in a few days.