I played two open mikes last night in Brooklyn.

The first was at a club named Pete's Candy Store. Every Sunday the club hosts an open mike from 5-8 pm. The music room itself is very small, about the size of a train car, and located in the back of the club. Here's a sub par picture I took of it...


The tight confines make it a really fun environment in which to perform. I played two fairly new songs and felt good about them (although my guitar went slightly out of tune on the second). I also wasn't feeling top-notch because I had imbibed more than usual the previous evening with my good friends Scott and Raven who were in town from Virginia.

I felt a little better after eating a sandwich. I walked over to the second open mike with a group of performers from the first club. Everyone seemed very nice and supportive of each other. And it was cool to be amongst fellow musicians also trying to get their careers off the ground. I hope they're successful in their endeavors.

Anyway, we walked past McCarren Park to Bar Matchless where the second open mike got started around 9. The stage is bigger here with room for a full drum kit and several guitar amps. Fortunately, I was able to play third because no one had claimed that spot on the signup list for some reason. I decided to play a Brian Eno song and then end with a couple songs I wrote a couple years ago. Again, another enjoyable performance space with a supportive crowd.

I will definitely return to both of these open mikes. Their proximity to one another, plus their general vibe, makes them difficult to resist.