Sorry to be out of touch the past few days. I've been working on a demo. It's designed to present to various venues in lieu of the fully produced album. Since I've been playing solo the majority of the time here in New York, I thought it would be good idea to create something representative of my current sound. I recorded 3 new songs and 4 old songs. Even though I doubt anyone interested in booking me will want to listen to all of them, I thought it would be good to have a variety of different songs to submit.

Several of these newly recorded songs will be available in the Member Section of the website as soon as its finished. We hope to have it available for use sometime next month, complete with videos, photos, other song ideas, and a message board. I'll be sending out a newsletter to let everyone know when it's ready.

On another note, I went over to Queens on Monday night to hang out with some people I met at Penny's Open Mike. There's a rehearsal space they use in a large complex off Broadway with a full setup, including a drum kit. Well, I couldn't resist asking to play said drum kit for a few songs with my new friends David, Michelle, and Joe Yoga. Graciously, they said yes. I really wish I had a drum kit. I love playing the drums. One day, I reckon. Anyway, it was nice to be with some fellow musicians for an evening and play some tunes together.

Ok, back to the demo now. Have a nice weekend everyone.