I know I haven't posted in almost two weeks, but not getting things done is a central tenet of the holiday season, right? It's been an eventful few days lately. On New Years Eve, I performed with some friends at the Kraine Theatre in the East Village. I was invited to do so by the spectacular Mike Milazzo. We played some blues standards and a couple Velvet Underground tunes, plus I got to sing an old gospel song called This Train. It felt great to be onstage and collaborating with other musicians again. I forget how much I miss it until it's actually happening. I'm going to put a band together soon, so hopefully those feelings will be present more often. But aside from that, there's something utterly liberating about just playing rhythm guitar, not having to worry about being married to the microphone. Sometimes I really wish I were a drummer.

By the way, Brooke took an absolutely amazing photo of the countdown that night. Here it is below. Can you find me?