My friend Scott invited me to play an assembly at the K-8 school he teaches at in Virginia last week. I played acoustic versions of the songs on By The Numbers, after each of which Scott would cue the studio version for the kids to listen to and compare.

But my favorite part by far was the Q&A session at the end. Here's a transcript of some of the questions the kids asked, along with my answers...

Harry: "Have you ever been on the radio?"
Me: "Yes."

Scott: "What was the first instrument you ever played in a band?"
Me: "Bass guitar."
Scott: "What type of band was it?"
Me: "A punk rock band."

Spencer: "What type of guitar did you use on your CD?"
Me: "A telecaster."
Spencer: "Amen!"

Andrew: "Are your songs on iTunes?"
Me: "Yes."

4th Grade Boy: "How many albums have you sold?"
Me: "Not enough."

3rd Grade Girl: "Are you famous?"
Me: "No."