Everyone rides a bike in Boulder. And since I now live in Boulder too, I suppose that I should ride one as well. It's been ten years since I've ridden a bicycle, ever since mine was stolen in college, probably because I'd adopted the intelligent practice of not locking it up at night. I guess I had other priorities that were more pressing.

Anyway, I went bike shopping a couple days ago and found one that looked like it might work for me. No sooner did I get it outside and step up onto it than I subsequently fell to the ground in what must have been at least moderately humorous for pretty much everyone within viewing distance. Looking back, I'm not really sure how it happened. But it happened. Regardless, I go forth undeterred and will, one way or another, respectfully join these local legions of velocipedes.

But when I do, for the first few days, you know, watch out.