I’ve been working on putting together a tour for late August through September, researching venues all the way from the far reaches of Washington State to the coasts of Florida.

To be honest, it’s a rather daunting undertaking, finding places to perform that have the semblance of conduciveness to what I do musically – there are countless venues out there, but a precious few that actively support independent artists hailing from far and wide that may not have the highest draw.

But that’s not the point exactly – what I really aim to accomplish is to reconnect with as many friends and fans in as many places as possible before fatigue and budget force me to do otherwise. When it comes down to it, going on the road is really one big plan to repay the kindness that you’ve shown me over the years – it’s you who takes the time to listen to my music, to read these blog posts, to watch the videos of performances, to support my creativity through your donations – I don’t take any of that for granted – not for one millionth of a second.

And since I’m under no pretext that I can do all this by myself, I humbly ask for your help through whatever means you can muster, whether that be a suggestion of a place to play, an idea for an inexpensive place to spend the night, someone who might host a house concert, any advice on how I can bring you a great show and honor your support.

If you have any thoughts, please, by all means, let me know.

Thank you as always,