Everything's going well here on the road - I'm doing 5 shows in Tennessee and Kentucky over the next few days, after which I'll be able to take a few days off before heading up to Chicago and working my way back out to Colorado. The past couple weeks have included some amazing shows at some great venues - I've had some awesome conversations with people along the way too - plus I've stayed with several close friends, which has been absolutely wonderful - overall it's been an outstanding tour so far and will hopefully continue to be so through the end of the month. I thought about listing some complaints about some small things, but I don't really feel like complaining at the moment. Right now I have a very comfortable bed for the night, plus the first home-cooked meal I've had in quite a while (thanks Nick and Wendy). I'm going to write a post in detail about everything that has happened and everyone who has helped me out over the past few weeks, but for now I want to say thank you so much for being so supportive of a traveling guys are all amazing...thank you!