I received some disturbing news yesterday that Ear-X-Tacy, my local record store in Louisville, has officially closed its doors after 26 years. I spent countless hours there growing up, mostly peering through and purchasing a wide selection of 7'' records and cassettes from tons of great local bands. Ear-X-Tacy was always super supportive of local acts, letting pretty much anyone and everyone sell their music through the store. It was a Louisville institution and will be missed very much by a large number of people, including myself. Technology has certainly given us quite a few advantages over the years; the Internet has made it easier to consume and absorb all types of media than ever before. As technology evolves, there are always casualties along the way of course; this never makes it any easier, however, for those who are the casualties themselves (or directly affected by them). Since music is such an integral part of being alive, I feel confident that things will somehow stabilize in the future to allow artists to be fairly compensated for their efforts. But that time is not, obviously, at hand. So in the meantime, let us keep making and sharing music however we can, paving the road ahead for those who will one day enjoy that world.

Thanks Ear-X-Tacy.

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