DEMO 12.2.04 12:31pm

Here’s an ideal that never really came to fruition. It’s a slower acoustic number in 3/4 for which I never managed to write lyrics, even though I remember trying at one point. I guess I couldn’t come up with anything that was worthy enough. Honestly I don’t remember.

Apparently I started this on 12.2.04, then reached this version below on 3.3.05. I recorded some scratch vocals that you can hear, but it’s more humming than actual singing. Listening now, I think a bridge might have been a good choice. Perhaps I’ll turn this into something better someday, but for now it will remain here in its current condition.

Since I guess I also couldn’t come up with a good title, I named it CA7, which are the main chords through most of the song. Pretty imaginative, right?

Anyway, here it is. Thanks for listening.