DEMO 1.17.05 11:40am

Here's yet another idea that I felt fairly jazzed about back in the day. Even though I started it on January 17th, 2005 the version below didn't come to fruition until October 16th of that year. I'm not quite sure why I neglected to pursue this idea for A Forest Through The Trees. Looking back it seems like it might have fit in somewhere if I could capture some acceptable vocals (unlike in some spots on this demo).

The choices I make as to which ideas deserve attention seem so arbitrary at times. Those choices are undoubtedly shaped by the experiences I'm having at any given moment, pushing my artistic inclinations in different ways at different times. I guess it's a mirror of some sort, though I'm not sure if it's a full length one where you can see yourself exactly from head to toe, or just one of those wavy ones from the circus.

It doesn't matter. This ceaseless fountain of creativity forces me to make decisions, to choose which creative impulses I want to explore more thoroughly than others. It doesn't mean that the others are unworthy of exploration. They're as valid as all the rest. Why did we decide to go down one path in life versus another? Why did we make the decisions we made? Is it just who we were at that point in time? Were we destined to make those decisions the way we did? Why did we do this and not that? I don't know. I wish I did. Perhaps if I could recall my entire life in perfect detail, I might.

Thanks for listening.

So you say you never cared for drums
And much prefer to hear the strums
Can't you see my friend that they are one and the same?
You can entertain the eager crowds with me
You can help defy the false security
Hurry up come here and join this loyal team

Oh what can I do to discover the creature's delight?
Creature's Delight!

Do the quick decisions conquer you?
Do you scoff at what you turn into?
Will the inspiration for you be the fires?
Spread the word no matter what it takes
Everybody makes the same mistakes
Will you come and give it more than it requires?

Oh what can I do to discover the creature's delight?
Creature's Delight!

Teach us!
Teach us the creature's delight!!!