Hey folks I'm playing another benefit this Thursday at 12pm to raise money for Kentucky Harvest here in Louisville, KY. This free 10-minute show will be broadcast again through ConcertWindow, where fans can donate to musicians during their performances. After the show I'll transfer all the proceeds to Kentucky Harvest.

Here's a link to the show:

Founded in 1987, Kentucky Harvest has as its mission to “get food from people who have it, but don’t need it to those that need it, but don’t have it—free of charge.” An expansive network of volunteers picks up food that would otherwise “go to waste” from restaurants, bakeries, hospitals, food purveyors, stores, food goods manufacturers, schools, families, and individuals. This food is then delivered to the needy at homeless shelters and food pantries around the region. Through the generosity of donors and the hard work of hundreds of volunteers, last year over 2 million pounds of food were placed in needy hands. Learn more at