more feedback and strange keyboard sounds today. tomorrow we start on vocals. but i believe we're finished with recording all the instruments. and since i'm such an extraordinarily talented singer, the vocals should most likely be finished tomorrow by around 2pm. that is unless i need to take half an hour to admire myself in the mirror.

yesterday i spent some time in the decatur cemetery. my seventh grade history teacher used to take us across the street to cave hill cemetery during class. colonel sanders is buried there. anyway, here are some names that caught my eye yesterday: okarma, ponder, strange, tuggle, crim, muscsik, zabenko, broniec, farrar, birdsong, luck.

and a headstone of interest:
in memory of
goodrich cook white, jr.
lieutenant u.s. army air corps
son of helen chappell and
goodrich c. white
born aug. 8 1918
died in combat over the baltic sea
sept. 12, 1944
"he went out on wings like an eagle
even accompanied by the music he loved to make."
“living, you made it goodlier to live.
dead, you make it easier to die."