much of my time here in louisville recently has been spent walking to various places i haven't been to for a long time. it's nice to be walking more. i definitely haven't been able to do that much in atlanta. last thursday i stopped in for a drink at a bar on bardstown road named cahoots. during the early 80s to mid 90s, the space that cahoots now occupies was known as tewligans, a live music venue. it was (and this is an understatement) an amazing place to watch a show. the floor was always dirty, the lights were always low, and the smell was always distinctly magnificent. aside from watching scores of great local bands there, i was also able to see national acts such as fugazi, nation of ulysses, and bikini kill. most shows were all ages, five dollars, and very loud. anyway, i'm not sure why i'm sharing this with you. you've probably never been there. i guess i just miss those times.