ok. now we're really finished. we mastered everything today with alex lowe at red tuxedo studio. first of all, the mastering studio was pretty amazing. and alex is a very talented individual. there are actually several studios in the same building. aside from red tuxedo, there is also the rodney mills mastering lab. rodney actually lives upstairs and works downstairs in the basement. the house itself is enormous, beautiful, and very welcoming. and even cooler, alex has an old mini-moog signed by bob himself.

so anyway, the sound portion is over. i feel slightly sad honestly. i've experienced a certain amount of separation anxiety with all the projects on which i've been involved, but never so deep and resounding as right now. this is by far the most personal endeavor i have ever undertaken. when i left the studio today i was even slightly afraid. i was excited and moved about being finished, but for some reason i felt as if something awful was going to happen on my way home. maybe that's the way anyone feels when they reach the end of a chosen process. but still, it was a bit unnerving.

anyway, now we just have to finish the artwork and manufacture everything. dom has put together some great images. we'll also be doing different layouts and imagery for both the cd and vinyl releases. and since there will only be a limited amount of vinyl available, they will all be numbered in order of their sequence off the press. so one day they'll all be super duper valuable.

but seriously, thanks to those who've made it this far.