i had dinner tonight with two taiwanese professors. their names were dr. chen and dr. chen. they told many interesting stories and lauded the effects of democracy versus communism in mainland china. one of the good doctors even gave me a ballpoint pen with a small flashlight and a laser pointer. and the other doctor gave my family a beautiful blue vase. all in all, it was an exciting evening. perhaps i should go live in taiwan for awhile.

i arrived back in louisville on wednesday night. well, actually, it was monday morning around 3, at which point i slept for a few hours before catching a plane to new york. at one point i attempted to navigate the ny subway during rush hour and found myself in an awkward predicament. in order to catch the 6 downtown after the transfer at union station i had to proceed down a narrow but traversable part of the platform. i saw the sign where i was supposed to go. i was feeling good about going there. then suddenly, a train pulls up on the opposite track and a millisecond later, i'm surrounded. bodies are everywhere and i'm pinned to a steele beam near the escalators. i received several dirty looks and someone called me a 'stupid ass.' so that was me on that particular morning. stupid-ass. here's a terribly drawn diagram of the occurence.


and here are some photos from my last few days in atlanta