it's hard to listen to this album and not wonder if it somehow encapsulates the last two years of my life. i think back to when i wrote the songs and recall how i felt and what led me to write a particular melody, rhythm, phrase, etc. naturally, there have been many emotions i've encountered over the past two years that don't have a song to accompany them. but does it all boil down to these 28 minutes? i hope not. life is more than that, right? a friend reminded me recently that it's not the day a process is finished that is paramount, but the entire journey getting there. it seems every moment of our lives is important, not just the instant of losing a loved one or learning you passed the bar or having your first orgasm. but truly, how do we become the people that we are? how do we adopt our personalities? here i am with this music i've created. is this me? i suppose. it's not all of me, but it's something.