after leaving berkeley, we drove north, eventually arriving in portland, oregon. we decided to stay at the jupiter hotel that sits adjacent to the doug fir lounge. the club was having a free show of three local bands (demain, pale blue stars, and the redeemers). what a great sounding club. i'm really looking forward to attending another show there, staying at the jupiter, and exploring portland more thoroughly. a few days later, we attended a crab, seafood, and wine festival in astoria, oregon. there was a great folk band playing called brownsmead flats. the best description i can muster is that they reminded me a little of the folksmen from a mighty wind. there's a puppy in the parlor and a skillet on the stove and a smelly old blanket that a navajo wove. you know, stuff like that. after heading north to vancouver, we passed through the cascade mountains on our way to ketchum, idaho. on the sunday we were in town, we walked with brooke's sister kate to a small pub named grumpy's that was celebrating its 30th anniversary with a lot of beer and some music by a group named the damphools.