after about two weeks of driving over the rocky mountains and the great plains, the last part of our trip just took us through chicago. we found a cheap place to stay in evanston called the margarita inn that used to be a boarding house for 'young professional women.' after watching a cubs game, we made our way back to evanston and found a place called bill's blues. there were two shows - the first act was the prohibiton orchestra (playing big band songs from the 1920s and 30s). and the second act was pistol pete (adeptly playing the guitar with his teeth, behind his back, and between his legs).

now we're back in louisville. it was definitely the best road trip yet. in addition to the handful of musical encounters, it was wonderful to see so many different parts of america again after being gone for so long. it's a beautiful country. and it's nice to be back...