On Monday, I walked over to Caffe Vivaldi around 6:30 to pick my number for the evening. Fortunately, I received my best number yet - 17. I knew it would be a while before my time slot, so I went home and made some dinner as usual. I returned around 8:30 to find out that I had missed my performance time due to the lack of low numbers that were picked that night. Thankfully, Kate, the event’s amiable host, said I could play at the end of the night. So waited and watched, talked with my new friend Michael McGaughy for a little while, and was finally called up around 10:15. I played two new songs, both of which are fun to perform and fairly straightforward. Again, this open mike always contains many solid performers. I often notice people walking by who stop and come in off the street to have a drink and watch. I've also heard it mentioned that the location is experiencing financial difficulties; so, to the few of you that actually read this blog, please spread the word to support this event and this establishment. It's an important outlet for songwriters in the area.