Last night, I went to Penny's Open Mike in the East Village at Under St. Mark's Theatre. Every time I walk into this place, I can feel an energy that is distinctly invigorating. First of all, it's a great space for an open mike. There are four or five rows of stadium seating, a good sound and light system, and above all a welcoming and supportive audience. Plus, the host, Penny, governs the event with discipline and artistic encouragement. The scope of the performers here astounds me. It's deeply inspiring to share the stage with all of them. Not only is there a range of true talent, but an overall sense of honesty permeates the room. It's refreshing. As for my performance, I decided to play two new songs, both of which lean lyrically toward the satirical. Although I've written a plethora of introspective songs over the past few years, most of the songs I've concocted recently have been stories about bizarre characters embroiled in mordacious circumstances. I think I'll continue writing in that vein for a while. Regardless, I had a great time last night. The event has a wonderful atmosphere filled with creativity, defiance, compassion, and love. Thanks Penny!