DEMO 4.26.05 1:10pm

Through the haze of memory, it's difficult to remember what I was aiming for with this one. If I had to guess (and I guess I have to), the lyrics stemmed from a machine coming alive and turning on those who used it for war. Guess I was pretty angry about Iraq, WMDs, GWB etc back when. Or maybe I'd watched Maximum Overdrive again. Either way, this could have been better with more experience and maturity on my part. But that's true of everything, right? Thanks for listening.


Lost in a foreign land
Washed in the golden sand
I was assured life was secure
Inside this desert you're calling home

Born of the finest steel
Made with camo conceal
I was to blame time and again
For destruction and pain on the road

I will obey
I will obey
But there will come a day when I resist

Tank assault at midnight
Tank assault at midnight