DEMO 5.9.05 5:59pm

So I found these two ideas in a folder called 'melodious funk'. I guess there's something melodious in there, but I'd take serious issue calling it funky. It's more olfactory funky, amirite?

The first idea from 5.9.05 reminds me of a bad version of an 80s video game soundtrack. Another version from 5.29 has the same chord progression but different instruments, as if switching instruments would make things better. The whole thing just repeats after the first B section if you want to save yourself the time (I would).

Sometimes things like this take shape and never really go anywhere, probably because I decided that what I heard in my head wasn't all that appealing once I'd put it to page. But they happen (or have happened) nonetheless. They're empirically part of the process. It's because of these that others exist and vice versa. So there.

Thanks for listening?